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  • Joseph can draw and perhaps more importantly, listen - not only to what people are saying, but what's really on their minds...

  • People retain 80% of what they see and only 15% of what they hear...

Why Graphic Visualisation Works

It's a cliche, and it's true:
a picture IS worth a thousand words

Making the 'unspoken' real

Through the creative, intuitive visualisation process, unexplored dimensions are often uncovered allowing for exploration and memory retention post-session

People need to see that they've been heard. Visuals can capture individual commentary thus allowing the process to proceed, 

The use of words and pictures promotes lasting images and retention of ideas.

The large format 'maps' become a communication and engagement tool for all stakeholders whilst 'Big Picture Thinking' perfectly captures and identifies intrinsic and crucial issues.

A Short Story: Aligning Team Outcomes

I was facilitating a Strategy Planning Workshop recently and the group were deciding on 'how far out to plan'. Some suggested 3 years, others 5.

The MD became increasingly agitated and told the group they needed results urgently – within the next 6 months.  

At that point I drew a flashing red siren in the top right hand corner of the map which spoke to the urgency underlying all the long-term planning. No more needed to be said and the group could get on with planning the logistics and the MD knew he'd got his message across .

The visual said it all and underpinned the outcome of the Workshop.

Visualisation: The Scientific Stuff

Research with victims of PSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) has shown that there are some parts of the brain which are not accessible through words, only pictures.1

Visuals connect more deeply into the human psyche and bypass the traditional 'defence mechanisms' of the human mind.2

Definitions: Vision, Strategy and Tactics

Using a visual metaphor like winning the Americas Cup can help define words and clear up confusion. The Goal or Vision becomes winning the Cup, the Strategy is to get the best boat and the best crew, the tactics become the means of getting the best boat and crew. (As shown on the video)

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What others say
about working
with Joseph
and RedStallion

"Joseph is an absolutely excellent listener in that he understands what is the essence of wht people are saying – what they are not saying, what they are feeling and putting this into pictures.

I noticed that after the Workshop, when the Leadership team sent emails, the picture is there as a reminder – it brings the strategy and the day to day business together – we believe strategy in itself doesn''t mean anything – you have to realise it... get it into the day to day work."


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