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  • "I don't do it for the horse, I do it for the people"


    Joseph Loewy

  • "I don't do it for the people, I do it for the horse"


    Monty Roberts

The Red Stallion Story

What does a RedStallion have to do with Strategy & Vision?

Horse Whispering 

In the early '90s, a practice known as 'horse-whispering' was gaining in popularity – the idea that if you respect and learn the 'language' of your horse, and encourage it to go willingly in the direction you've chosen, the horse will not only enjoy the journey more but will actually use its innate knowledge and unique skills in assisting you to get there. This was in strong contrast to what was commonly known at the time as 'horse-breaking' or forcing your will on the horse and breaking its' spirit.

Organisational Whispering

Similarly, companies can push stakeholders to adopt the organisation's Strategy and Vision – or partner with their people in the process of 'Organisational Whispering'.

Like 'horse-whispering', if you engage your stakeholders in the 'journey', they will not only contribute willingly, but use their own creativity, passion and commtiment to enhance the process.

This is exactly the buy-in that a Journey Map creates.  


Real Life 'Horse Whisperers'

Some great exponents of this cooperative methodology include Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, Trish Broersma and the legendary Monty Roberts. 

In Australia, Lynn Mitchell of the School of Equus, a Monty Roberts certified instructor, has developed specific Leadership courses to teach leaders to get the best out of their people through this uniquely collaborative approach. 


More on 'Organisational Whispering'

Bruce Ferguson, Adam Dixon & Jock Macneish have highlighted this concept in their delightful little book called 'Organisational Whisperers - A story of people who listen to organisations. " Organisational Whispering, too, begins with listening. Listening to the heart of the company...This becomes the touchstone of the company strategy, and because it taps into what people are passionate about, can mobilise the company into action."

(Available directly from the Publishers Strategic Images Pty Ltd Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

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What others say
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"Joseph is an absolutely excellent listener in that he understands what is the essence of wht people are saying – what they are not saying, what they are feeling and putting this into pictures.

I noticed that after the Workshop, when the Leadership team sent emails, the picture is there as a reminder – it brings the strategy and the day to day business together – we believe strategy in itself doesn''t mean anything – you have to realise it... get it into the day to day work."


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