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The 'JoeLoewy' Window

Through the visual intuitive process, tap into all 4 Quadrants for a complete picture 

Making simple sense of how
things fit together - 

Just like the well-known 'Johari Window' our 'JoeLoewy Window' describes four dynamics in play during most Strategic Planning Sessions. They are:

Q1. What we both know

Q2. What you know that I don't

Q3. What I know that you don't

Q4. What neither of us know

Utilising 'Graphic Recording', we access Quadrants 1-3.

In 'Journey Mapping' and 'Graphic Leadership Coaching,' the drawing itself not only covers Quadrants 1-3, but reveals aspects of Quadrant 4 – and that's the really exciting bit, because we find out things we didn't know which can be used to plan the future. It becomes a truly emergent strategy, developing intuitively and creatively as we proceed.

Why is it useful to find out what
we don't know?

The more information that is available to make a decision, the easier it is to make that decision. Risk is about forging ahead in the absence of information. Sometimes it works, too often it doesn't. 

Quadrant 4 simply gives us more information with which to make an informed judgement – bringing that elusive yet critical insight to develop foresight.   

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What others say
about working
with Joseph
and RedStallion

"Joseph is an absolutely excellent listener in that he understands what is the essence of wht people are saying – what they are not saying, what they are feeling and putting this into pictures.

I noticed that after the Workshop, when the Leadership team sent emails, the picture is there as a reminder – it brings the strategy and the day to day business together – we believe strategy in itself doesn''t mean anything – you have to realise it... get it into the day to day work."


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