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  • Through the creative, intuitive visualisation process, unexplored dimensions are often uncovered

  • The visualisation process allows for exploration and enhanced memory retention post-session

  • Pictures lend an exciting and illuminating dimension to the process of self-exploration and personal development

Leadership Coaching

Develop your leadership capabilities and discover your authentic self through the power of visualisation. 

Leadership Coaching with a twist?

Graphic Leadership Coaching is a process that connects, through visual images, to your 'Authentic Self' as distinct from your 'Adaptive' Self.

It illuminates clarity of purpose thus enabling clearer decision making.

It uncovers through visual images, issues that may be hidden or inaccessible through words.

By becoming more 'conscious' it allows you to navigate your professional and personal future more successfully.  

How is this helpful to leaders?

  • Leaders need to have a clear sense of Self and Purpose in order to lead more effectively.
  • Now more than ever we need leaders who are able to lead from Vision not Fear and trust their own innate sense of Self. 
  • Through the process of Graphic Coaching, we assist Leaders to orient their internal compass to be strong, clear, wise and focused

Key Benefits

By focussing on who you are 'being' while you lead and 'how'  you lead, you become more 'authentic'. Those that follow you recognise this.  In this space of authenticity, you can bring out the best of who you are to your people and your organisation.


The Process

In 4 x 2 hour sessions we will develop your personal map. Through this visual dialogue you wil see how your life has unfolded to pinpoint exactly where you are today. Armed with this information it becomes easier to make personal and professional decisions. You simply ask "Does this fit with my Essential Self?" And if it doesn't, you may still wish to go ahead with the decision from a place of consciousness not unconsciousness.


The Outcome

Your capacity and capability to influence and lead in times of greater complexity will be enhanced through clarity of purpose – from this place you lead with authenticity, insight, direction and alignment.

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