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  • The road to success can take many twists and turns

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Journey Mapping

Engage stakeholders in your Strategy
& Vision through Journey Mapping

What is a Journey Map?

It's a large-scale image that brings to life a compelling Vision and Strategy. It's a big picture that depicts the Journey your Company, Division or Brand needs to embark upon to deliver the Vision.

It is co-created as part of an active participation process with relevant stakeholders and can be easily communicated to all levels of the organisation from CEO to front line. 

Engagement in a Strategic Plan

A Journey Map enhances performance through committed engagement. It maximises engagement vertically and horizontally. It captures the elusive yet critical 'passion and emotional connection' - crucial elements in connecting with the strategy. This can minimise and even negate dissent and guarantee increased buy in.

Delivering on the Strategy

A critical component and key measurable is that staff at differing levels, from various departments with an array or conflux agenda could each deliver the story – communicated with consistency and passion to myriad teams and stakeholders. Everyone is on the same page telling a consistent story in their own words, delivering on the Strategy.

Journey Mapping has been successfully utilised by small businesses through to multi-nationals - from 10s to 1000s of stakeholders – just another example of why visualisation works.

Key Benefits

  • The image brings to life a compelling Vision & Strategy
  • Clarifies long-term leadership objectives
  • An efficient way to build confidence and articulate the vision in a very short time
  • Fosters an appreciation and understanding of the business; from where it has come to what it is now and where it is headed
  • Demonstrates to leaders how to take their team on the Strategic Journey
  • Encourages individual storytelling and ownership
  • Allows participants to provide personal input and 'put themselves in the picture' – ensuring buy-in
  • Balances urgency and reflective thinking
  • Inducts new leaders into the 'Journey' and makes them part of the crucial gameplan

The Process

Typically RedStallion is invited to assist in pre-planning the Workshop and then conjointly bringing the process together on the day, proactively listening to the essence of what people are saying – just as often what they are not saying but is nonetheless present - and what they are feeling.

It's not only the conscious content of what the team brings to the Workshop but the unconscious which also surfaces in the drawing.

Hence the drawing itself often helps to inform the Strategy or Vision and in this way becomes a truly co-creative and emergent strategy.

The Outcome

Starting with the Executive teams' abstract Vision and Strategy, the process evolves the Group's thinking, is honed and adjusted to create a tool that can be used day-to-day in the business. The 'Journey Map' draws a clear vision for the long-term that frames measurable levels of ownership and engagement. 

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What others say
about working
with Joseph
and RedStallion

"As a veteran of strategy
planning over many years
in many organisations,
it's the first time I have
ever seen a Strategy take
hold the way this one has.

 The value was that this effectively
translated what we were delivering
and everybody was on board and
aligned with clear black and white
objectives. The Team's 'hearts
and minds' are now connected.

We are all travelling together
and going to the same place
with the same mission in mind."

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