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  • "I started my career as a Visualiser - visualising ideas for people who couldn't draw - 30 years later I've come full circle"

  • "My creative partner, Bryce Courtenay once remarked "It's only creative if it sells" — today, I judge my work by its effectiveness in touching people"

  • "The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"


    Marcel Proust

  • "Drawing when I travel, really puts me in touch with the country"

  • "Entering the Archibald was a personal achievement — bringing the huge canvas to the door of the NSW Art Gallery was the recognition of myself as an artist" 

  • "The act of drawing in itself helps me to see"

  • "As in art, I find drawing extends one's vision beyond the obvious"

  • "I recognise my ability to draw as a 'gift' - and as with all gifts, to be accepted with gratitude and enjoyment!"

Joseph Loewy

Founder & Director with more than 30 years' experience working in planning, strategy & visual communication.

Core Expertise

  • Facilitating groups or individuals to chart their strategic course to meet their desired outcomes.
  • Intuitively listening to conversations and guiding the process to enable deeper insights.
  • Capturing and visualising through metaphor in words and pictures both the spoken and underlying themes of Group or Individual Process.
  • Producing large-scale 'Journey Maps' for clear and implementable strategic planning & direction
  • Coaching individuals to discover a deeper sense of 'Self' and 'Authenticity'.

Joseph's Background

As a former Creative Director and Stategy Planner, Joseph is well-equipped to assist organisations to develop workable strategic and creative visions.

Founder and Director of RedStallion Strategic Planning & Visual Consulting, Joseph started as an illustrator in Melbourne, and has held a variety of positions in the creative area – from illustrator to National Creative Director, Strategy Planner and Board Member of a national advertising agency.

It was in his Senior Management roles that Joseph really had the opportunity to develop his strategic and leadership skills. He turned his creativity to working with individuals and teams to develop innovative solutions for organisations.

In his career Joseph has also facilitated groups in Strategy and Visioning, Team Building, Communication and Negotiation Training, Creative Arts, Performance Management.

Selected Biography

2006 - Current. Founder & Director, RedStallion Strategic Planning & Visual Consulting

2000 - 2006. Founder & Director, OnCourse Consulting, Strategy Planning & Market Research 

1995 - 2000. National Creative Director, H&T Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland

1988 - 1995. Associate Creative Director, Sudler & Hennessey Advertising, Sydney, Melbourne

1983 - 1988. Creative Group Head. Harris, Robinson, Courtenay Advertising, Sydney

1977 - 1983. Senior Art Director. Sudler & Hennessey Advertising Sydney


Joseph's Personal Mission Statement

'To inspire facilitate and unleash the creative power in myself and others and assist in the expansion of human consciousness',

In keeping with his personal mission,  Joseph facilitates learning and dynamic ideas generation by encouraging individuals to use their own creativity and channel this to achieve individual, organisational and community goals.

He has a comprehensive understanding of the diverse areas of the working environment including the private, public and community sectors.

Visual dialogue

Joseph applies the latest creative thinking to organisational strategy. He uses often simple visual techniques to enhance group creativity and break down internal barriers.

He utilises 'Visual dialogue' as an interactive language, designed to begin conversations and facilitate open and honest communication.

His work is about the co-creation of 'Journey Maps' and 'Visual Strategy Maps' for organisations and  'Purpose Maps' for individuals.

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What others say
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"Joseph is an absolutely excellent listener in that he understands what is the essence of wht people are saying – what they are not saying, what they are feeling and putting this into pictures.

I noticed that after the Workshop, when the Leadership team sent emails, the picture is there as a reminder – it brings the strategy and the day to day business together – we believe strategy in itself doesn''t mean anything – you have to realise it... get it into the day to day work."


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