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  • Joseph can draw and perhaps more importantly, listen - not only to what people are saying, but what's really on their minds...


Big Picture Thinking —
Welcome to the Journey

Think Different. Act Different.
Make a Difference.

There's no question that we live in a complex, unpredictable world and it's almost a cliché to say that the way things were done in the past no longer apply to the current and future challenges we face. We need to transition from mechanistic methodologies into more fluid ways of doing business. The use of images is key to developing a brighter, sustainable emergent future

Our work at RedStallion is about harnessing ideas and bringing form to new thinking and directions.

  1. Research has shown that much of the brain processes visual information. 
  2. 'Mapping' ideas in large formats is one of the best ways to understand complex relationships and dynamics.
  3. People generally retain 80% of what they see and hear and only 15% of what they hear.
  4. 'Big Picture Thinking' reveals and identifies hidden issues and ideas whilst creating lasting images and recall.

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What others say
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with Joseph
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"Joseph is an absolutely excellent listener in that he understands what is the essence of wht people are saying – what they are not saying, what they are feeling and putting this into pictures.

I noticed that after the Workshop, when the Leadership team sent emails, the picture is there as a reminder – it brings the strategy and the day to day business together – we believe strategy in itself doesn''t mean anything – you have to realise it... get it into the day to day work."


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