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  • "They're sometimes called 'Magic Markers. Now I know why"

  • "They're sometimes called 'Magic Markers. Now I know why"

  • 'Marker-graphic' loads more fun than 'photo-graphic'

Graphic Recording

Identify and capture key issues through big picture thinking and the power of visual dialogue

What is a Graphic Recording ?

Graphic Recording is simply that – a graphic record in words and pictures of what transpired at your meeting, conference or workshop. A skilled Graphic Recorder captures a record of current proceedings in the moment and makes them visible for all to see.  

Graphic Recording enables participants to recollect through visual icons, simply and effectively what went on and allows others who weren't there to connect with and share the learning and understanding.

How does it differ from Journey Mapping?

Journey Mapping utilises a different skill base.

A Journey Map often illuminates and reveals the unspoken ideas and attitudes that lie beneath the surface whilst a Graphic record remains faithful to the words and images that are revealed. (See section on the 'JoeLoewy' window)


Key Benefits

  • Spontaneously produced icons become containers of much larger ideas
  • Having a visual 'roadmap' allows unexplored dimensions to be uncovered allowing for exploration and open dialogue

The Process

A skilled Graphic Recorder will put down in words and pictures what participants are saying.

The Recorder captures the words and images that are presented and great care is taken to use participant's own language and imagery.


The Outcome

The 'Graphic Recording' becomes a communication tool for participants and non-participants alike whilst 'Big Picture Thinking' has identified and captured key issues.

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