Extremely skilled in adapting his approach to each of our business needs...

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  • Joseph's listening skills are invaluable in the work he does

  • Joseph's backgrounds as a Creative Director and Strategic Consultant really accelerate outcomes

  • The outcomes of our Workshops have been used to define our brand strategies

  • People need to see that they've been heard


    Visuals capture individual commentary, allowing the process to proceed

  • Big picture thinking helps clarify strategies, segment targets define new product priorities and brand promises

  • Develop your own strategy in-house with the use of the Graphic Strategic Template (GST)


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Graphic Facilitation

Achieve greater output in shorter time – develop and visualise your Strategy utilising the Strategic Gameplan with the power of Graphic Facilitation

What is Graphic Facilitation?

  • Graphic facilitation is a process that employs large scale templates including the 'Molecule' and 'Strategic Gameplan' which enable the Facilitator to use words and pictures whilst facilitating a group.
  • The process assists teams to navigate and discover the most suitable and successful ways to meet their objectives with specific strategies and actional tactics.
  • The visual templates enable participants to integrate the strategy at a sub-conscious level which enhances performance and acts as permanent record and road map for implementation post-workshop

Key Benefits

The team has developed clear and precise answers to the following questions enabling the creation of a robust Strategy with implementable actions

  1. Where have we been? – Use the benefit of hindsight to create 'insightful foresight'
  2. Where are we now? - Take a hard look at your own organisation and the operating environment
  3. Where do we want to be? - Set clear objectives, identify challenges
  4. How do we get there? - Develop clear strategies, initiate tactics and deliverables to action outcomes

The Process

The Graphic Facilitation process utilises 'Graphic Language' with large-scale Strategic Gameplan and Molecule templates developed by RedStallion to help teams navigate and discover the most suitable and successful ways to meet their objectives. 

We also conduct Strategic Training Workshops utilising the the Graphic Templates.

Sometimes referred to by clients as the 'Clue Train' – it is populated over the course of a Workshop. Other templates (eg from The Grove International) may also be utilised to feed into the Master Plan.


The Outcome

An implementable action plan that is an integration of analytical planning techniques with 'big-picture' thinking.

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What others say
about working
with Joseph
and RedStallion

"Joseph's listening skills
as well as his background
as a Creative Director and
a Strategic Consultant are
invaluable assets to the
work he does

 Joseph is extremely skilled in
adapting his approach to each
of our business needs and the
projects that he has conducted
for use have always delivered
great value.

I particularly appreciate the
honest feedback that Joseph
provides, and the way he
challenges us." 

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