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Conference Mapping

Capture your Conference or Workshop visually through the power of Journey Mapping or Graphic Recording

What is Conference Mapping?

Conference Mapping creates a graphic record of your event. It can be done through either the process of 'Graphic Recording' or 'Journey Mapping'. The choice will depend on your needs as the output is significantly different. (See separate headings for definitions)

Graphic Recording

  • With Graphic Recording, the use of words and pictures promotes lasting images, retention of ideas and recall post-conference

Journey Mapping

  • With Journey Mapping's creative, intuitive interpretation unexplored dimensions are often uncovered allowing not only for memory retention post-conference but exploration and lively discussion as well.

Key Benefits

The large format Journey Map* or Graphic Recording* becomes a communication tool for participants and non-participants alike whilst 'Big Picture Thinking' perfectly captures and identifies intrinsic and crucial issues

The Process

 Set up at the side or back of the room, our Visual Practitioners record words and pictures on large sheets of paper keynote addresses and other presentations as directed.

We can work 'live' with video cameras capturing the words and pictures as they appear or remain 'anonymous' as the process develops revealing the 'Big Picture' at the end. 

The Outcome

 It becomes a valuable tool for team leaders to help engage Teams in the company's Strategic Vision. It also  becomes the  visual record of your conference to accompany any written material you produce or as a stand-alone picture for participants and non-participants alike.

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What others say
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with Joseph
and RedStallion

"We felt it was particularly important to be seen to be innovative ourselves if we were hosting a Workshop on 'Innovation.'

 Joseph produced a fascinating Journey Map of our experience and idea development. Everyone was pleased with the result!"

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